Sunday, September 14, 2008

More to Miss Vixen Than Fur !

Two things have kept me both busy and fascinated this summer. The first is discovering that making ice cream is an extremely creative and satisfying activity. [If it were possible to offer readers a taste of of my achievements , I can safely say you would not be disappointed ]
The second is painting . I refer to the use of water colours . Skylines, sunsets and scenery have provided a wealth of colours , forms and atmosphere. Both Windows and Apple enable me to share my efforts in this area with you . Room for improvement , of course , but I for one am happy . The last time I did such was at grammar school . France is a much nicer studio and classroom.
ps) firefox and safari users may well think I am a trifle lax in the layout of this posting .. Not so .. Tis the none geekish way of Blogspot to pander to Internet Explorer and for some reason therefore what appears as a correct positioning to me isn't to some .Have tried all sorts to remedy this but to no avail .. Sorry .

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