Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Favourite Berlin Landmarks .

Well a few of them .The film is of a famous fountain at Breitscheidplatz. Above see the Funkturm in all its illuminated glory . Every so often the colours are changed ,almost as if a new outfit has been donned . Maybe the clothes lover 'within' is drawn to this landmark .Then the RBB building at night which to my mind brings resembles a space ship .....

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Magnificent Seven in Neukölln

On Saturday I attended a design sale with a difference. Held in Neukölln, Berlin it was a platform for seven individuals ,active in the world of art/fashion /design. There were interviews by nelou tv ( these to be broadcast on an Internet Channel ) music and of course opportunities to try and buy !
Leter in the evening was the most astonishing musical performance by Mimosa Pale who plays the saw .She was accompanied on the keyboard by Vallter Poyhonen. Mimosa first heard the saw as a musical instrument in a movie , fell in love with the sound and decided she would learn . That was over five years ago and the rest as they say is history..
Here are the website addresses of the very magificent seven :-
1) Mimosa Pale
2) Giorgia Lacobellis
3) Von Bardoniz
4) Alisa Zillmann
5) Lottie Consalvo
6) Friederike Porscha
7) Ta-ste

Actually there is a yet another website so that makes eight .Who says my maths is poor ?

8) Lucia Tolardo

The small slide video is created from stills. Enjoy this and theme from The Godfather as you have never heard it .

Foot note to Angela Merkel.... Read the above names and then repeat that multi-culti doesn't work .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Memories and Smiles ..Part of Lifes Currency .

One of my all time favourite shops , recommended at regular intervals is 'Mode and Sparen ', Kantstrasse , Berlin. Here you can buy both new and second hand clothes at sensational prices . Always be offered fresh coffee and biscuits by the nicest sales staff in Berlin. Add to which you meet kindred spirits .Today,not only did I find a beautiful red ,wool and cashmere coat for under 30 euro but I met this lively lady who posed for me in her own very unusual dress. Rather than trash her old items , many of which have pleasant memories , she revamps into a completely new design .This dress for example .I loved her use of sleeves from one item , buttons from elsewhere etc and the word smile worked into the back . She herself smiled a lot and the fun side of personality is reflected in her clothes and face .
Meetings such as this are sunshine on the coldest greyest day .
ps ) a big thank you to her for taking the photo of my new , very warm red coat .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kat Baloun , Nina T Davis In Berlin .. Magic

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Street lamps may fail but never the moon .
Same can be said for Kat Baloun .
She and her fellow musicians are 'constants' ....

Should you not believe,listen to this . Recorded at Yorkschloesschen Berlin Wednesday the 20th .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Love At First Sight .

When a good Ozzie friend ,an artist, invited me to an exhibition of works created by Australian artists , I said yes . So it was that , today, in spite of bucketing rain I made my way on my bike to the Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1 at Mariannenplatz 2, D 10997 Berlin Kreuberg. What awaited me was worth every raindrop and soaked thighs . Some astonishing sound interactional work , visual and acoustic interactional, photographic , prints , sculptures,canvas , and items to defy description .For example a large black tunnel with lots of soil in it . On top of the latter a series of lights and electrodes which glowed as they self charged from zinc energy in the earth . As ever I found my self wondering what gives the artist his of her ideas .. Having lunch with two of them provided some answers .My bonus was due to the fact that sometimes love at first sight happens and today was just such a day and my moment came when I saw the works of Lottie Consalvo and wanted all of them ! So much so I bought two .Here is a part of her Artists statement :-"Lottie Consalvo deals with the complex layers of humanity and explores the nuances in the way in which we cope and behave in the social environment .She is attracted to the outcast ,they invite her in , they sit ,sip tea and she listens .Their stories inform her work " This exhibition closes on the 17th October .If you can do try and get there you wont be disappointed . UBahn Kottbusser Tor . This collage depicting some of the work I saw is superimposed upon a shot of one of my purchases .. "Mourning after"...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cappadocia and Istanbul ..Turkey's Gems .

It's years since my first visit to Cappadocia. I found it magical then and time has not changed this astonishing place.(now a World Heritage Site) To walk around the valleys and ancient buildings is almost akin to stepping back in time ,and it helps one realize the astonishing accomplishments of mankind .There is a tendency to believe that only we in the 20th / 21century have much to be proud of .
A journey to this place will show you how talented and educated our ancestors were. With what skills and energy they could glorify their faiths not to mention utilize their natural surroundings with an ability it makes the hoo haa over carbon footprints and green party quite laughable . Stone houses which are warm in winter and cool in summer take some beating .No oil ,or electricity generated by atomic fuel.Very clean and 100% safe .
As for Istanbul .This is a city to see and savour .Yes indeed ,Turkey is a wonderful and hospitable country .