Friday, October 15, 2010

Love At First Sight .

When a good Ozzie friend ,an artist, invited me to an exhibition of works created by Australian artists , I said yes . So it was that , today, in spite of bucketing rain I made my way on my bike to the Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1 at Mariannenplatz 2, D 10997 Berlin Kreuberg. What awaited me was worth every raindrop and soaked thighs . Some astonishing sound interactional work , visual and acoustic interactional, photographic , prints , sculptures,canvas , and items to defy description .For example a large black tunnel with lots of soil in it . On top of the latter a series of lights and electrodes which glowed as they self charged from zinc energy in the earth . As ever I found my self wondering what gives the artist his of her ideas .. Having lunch with two of them provided some answers .My bonus was due to the fact that sometimes love at first sight happens and today was just such a day and my moment came when I saw the works of Lottie Consalvo and wanted all of them ! So much so I bought two .Here is a part of her Artists statement :-"Lottie Consalvo deals with the complex layers of humanity and explores the nuances in the way in which we cope and behave in the social environment .She is attracted to the outcast ,they invite her in , they sit ,sip tea and she listens .Their stories inform her work " This exhibition closes on the 17th October .If you can do try and get there you wont be disappointed . UBahn Kottbusser Tor . This collage depicting some of the work I saw is superimposed upon a shot of one of my purchases .. "Mourning after"...

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