Monday, October 11, 2010

Cappadocia and Istanbul ..Turkey's Gems .

It's years since my first visit to Cappadocia. I found it magical then and time has not changed this astonishing place.(now a World Heritage Site) To walk around the valleys and ancient buildings is almost akin to stepping back in time ,and it helps one realize the astonishing accomplishments of mankind .There is a tendency to believe that only we in the 20th / 21century have much to be proud of .
A journey to this place will show you how talented and educated our ancestors were. With what skills and energy they could glorify their faiths not to mention utilize their natural surroundings with an ability it makes the hoo haa over carbon footprints and green party quite laughable . Stone houses which are warm in winter and cool in summer take some beating .No oil ,or electricity generated by atomic fuel.Very clean and 100% safe .
As for Istanbul .This is a city to see and savour .Yes indeed ,Turkey is a wonderful and hospitable country .

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