Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Ways To Improve Your Health.

Humour , exercise and diet are vital ingredients for good health. Pictured above you see four men who,it can be said , 'deliver the goods' in my life . Humour is excellent medicine and at the top you see Mathias Tretter, a German comedian who is absolutely on the ball. The minute he walks onto a stage one is laughing .Here he's signing cd's after his Berlin show last Saturday. When I asked if he'd make his Angela Merkel face he obliged and it was all I could do to take the photograph .It's astonishing to watch and in combination with his vocal impression, fantastic . Exercise and muscle care are health matters .For this see Jim , my physiotherapist .This guy works little short of miracles with my legs .Today on seeing Jim's marathon sweatshirt ( yes he ran his 10th on Sunday ) out came the camera . Finally ,diet - Salads are so healthy and here I'm blessed . Every other day €2.60 buys me a freshly made salad mix of my choice .To top it one has tuna or Greek cheese . The size does for two days. Served with meat , fish etc its delicious .Visiting the shop is always a mini social event as the humour of the very dynamic duo pictured above humour is pretty good too .
Hope you the readers have such good fortune .

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