Saturday, September 25, 2010

Berlin's Wealthiest Woman.

Was it my olive green sweater or was it the moons influence that worked such magic this week ? In truth neither . All was due to the fact that there are human beings who, via their acts of thoughtfulness bring joy to the lives of others .
For example, Acki Hoffmann , a terrific musician and personality . On Thursday he surprised me with yet another snow dome . This from the Black Forest. It's small and very precious . Friday found me in' Ragazza' a shoe shop in Westfälische Str . Here I met the lady seen in this collage. She works part time there and we had a remarkable rapport . Later ,as she saw me cycling by she asked that , if possible ,I call in today. Why she would not say. It seems her man friend had bought her this rather special snow dome of Cologne Cathedral. In our chit chat I'd mentioned my collection of such . Both she and her guy thought it a must to give to me as a present .Amazing and even more so since the weekend of my birthday I tried very hard to buy a dome in Cologne station but due to chaos with the railways had no luck . Every day of my life I experience ,in so many ways, the goodness that is human nature . I like people and most like me .... That, for me is true wealth .The words of a famous song express it well:-
'People who need people are the luckiest people in the world '

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