Sunday, September 05, 2010

Musical Therapy In Berlin

Shortly after the last post yours truly had an accident in a rather a spectacular fashion from a bicycle to the road ,onto both knees.All shook up best describes it. It meant missing a Phil Bates gig,having to attend hospital and remain for days in bed. Very boring. Thanks to a fantastic physiotherapist and the September music scene life seems brighter. Thursday door to door transport to Quasimodo but guess who forgot her camera ? A pity as the music was terrific.
Then last night Yorkschloesschen and here's a video. Simon Holliday is a class performer with a marvellous personality . Today The Porto Cafe in Tempelhofer Damm was my daily medicine with Acki Hoffman and friends working wonders. As did the breakfast. The U6 takes you right to Porto (get out at Ullsteinstra├če)
Tomorrows medicine will be at Piano Cafe on Neue Kantstrasse. Another door to door experience. Excellent therapy for multi coloured painful kneecaps.

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