Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buenos Aeries ? No, Berlin

Can you remember the Argentinian banks in the 90's? They literally stole the money from their customers and refused to give it back ?.

Two years ago thanks to the greed of many investment bankers the world turned upside down as the trickery of such came to light. Savings were lost as were homes . Ordinary lives were ruined and chaos became the currency . In many cases banks were bailed out using tax payers money yet no bank manager lost their fat salary and all still receive bonuses . Why--I do not know . Now trouble is in Germany. courtesy of the Dresdner Bank and City Bank .Thus with interest and admiration watched these remarkable senior citizens [pictured above] who were demonstrating in front of the Dresdner bank at Theodor Heuss Platz .All have lost their hard earned savings . Sums such as 28, 000 euro and more . These are citizens who have worked , paid taxes , been responsible only to be robbed. City Bank have simply changed their name . The German government is not stepping in to help .A very bitter pill indeed after so much was handed to Greece by Frau Merkel .The guilty bankers are still earning big sums and perks . Herr Blessing [head of Dresdner bank ] and displayed by one demonstrator ,is indeed blessed. His salary,bonus and ability to walk free inspite of his banks failings give him cause to smile .

Note:- if as a citizen you carry your money on you as you travel , rather than use banks then you run the risk of having it removed by the law . If you use the banks you are likely to lose it to fat Orwellian pigs who live well off you. We all have to have banks as a fight against money laundering .Oh what a joke that is . Who I wonder are the biggest 'laundery ' owners of all ?

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