Monday, August 09, 2010

So Much For a Special Relationship .

'The US is to start charging UK travellers nearly £10 to apply for permission to enter the country'

So much for a 'special relationship' - If this doesn't wake the British government as to how the US view us , nothing will. To them we are like some mangy pet dog , ever willing to please . Blair and co put Britain on the list of 'most loathed 'by association and war mongering with Bush . Here we are to this day still doing dirty work in Afghanistan for America even though history books illustrate this is mission impossible .

It would be good to see Mr Cameron introduce a similar tariff for US visitors to GB not to mention a complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Both measures would make sound financial sense at the same time 'leaving our own house in order with school milk on the metaphorical door step. Britain has paid it's debt to America in many ways . The time has come to say enough .

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