Sunday, August 08, 2010

Rostock---Down To the Seas .

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Welome to Rostock,a port on the Ostsee ,very close to Denmark. Bike & train enable me to live my dream as John Masefield lived his in the poem :- 'I Must Go Down To The Seas' . To my joy ,many of the beautiful things he speaks of were to be seen and expreienced. Especially tall ships . Here's a short video put together from stills and a sound track added.
ps)There is a cycle route all the way from Berlin and once here ferries to Copenhagen, yet another dream. Camping en route, enjoying the air ,freedom and fitness.


why Egypt ? said...

what a wonderful places


Sherif from Egypt

miss_vixen said...

Glad you like .I enjoyed the sea and lighthouses in Egypt at Christmas ..