Sunday, November 29, 2009

EU No Smoking Ban in Berlin

Today I was at Die Eins for a jazz brunch . One of the greatest spots to put on your 'places to go in Berlin' list-
Now when it comes to the EU smoking ban , Germany is not running true to world image . ie ) viewed as a law abiding people to a fault , this regulation has shown their weak spot . Many areas have revolted in a manner befitting the reputation of their French neighbours .
Quite a lot of places still permit smoking and actually advertise such - Others have upstairs rooms , outside tables . the variations are amazing . Die Eins has opted for hi tech sophistication.with this smoking chamber . Resembling an Internet booth it takes two people at a time . On entering, the smoker presses a switch , lights up and the offending fumes are extracted in a heavenly direction via a star trek type porthole . Here you see the brilliant drummer and vocalist Meinolf “Cookie” Saggel . Unaware of this gadget he had chosen to stand outside in the rain . Once informed he was in like a shot to try it . Reckon his smile says a lot for marks out of ten .
My own rating . Well as a none smoker I have to say it's a superb device and all are happy since it does work 100% . Upstairs rooms or partitioned places don't .
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Lies --- The New Truth .?

The press is full of the story of the pair who gate crashed President Obama's state dinner. Reality TV is involved , claiming how the couple told them they had an official invitation . OK ..Why didn't TV do some checking ? It seems all the blame is being placed on security .
Reality TV is anything but reality .Cheap to produce ,it consists of wannabees doing anything to get their small trashy , fabricated moment of 'fame'.
One fictitious mess spawns another as the those who suffer from 'copycat syndrome' sadly sit glued to the box seeking what, for them passes as inspiration. The liars go unpunished .Indeed they are glamorized ..and so the great big wheel keeps turning .
Is this what society has sunk to ? My post will carry no image of these two creepy social criminals . If you think I'm being hard , think about how much security we already have in our lives . Stunts such as this only serve to increase it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Good News For The World .

At times it seems the news is all bad . Then,as if to show there's hope , all be it seldom ,we get a great item . On coming home late last night and logging on ,there it was ...... No Tony Bliar [Blair as EU President ] , no Milliband as EU Foreign Affairs Minister . Cause indeed to celebrate .So called a friend, had a glass of port and lemon ,played Dr Feelgood's Hog For You Baby . Truly I was happy as can be .

One had to note how very widespead contempt for Bliar is.

Tony you may well perceive yourself as a presidential god , most see you for what you really are .

First beaten by a rare species of protected bat and the now the EU .
ps) it dawned on me today why G W Bush liked you . As the world knows ,this guy has THE LAZY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR as his number one read ..
Well hunger for power knows no limits with you and just let's think of how a caterpillar moves !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

From Barcelona to Berlin.

What a fabulous Sunday this has been .Colourful too in a strange sort of way . The Yorkschlösschen in Kreuzberg was a 'must', as Acki Hoffman and Friends were playing there . These guys have your feet tapping with each number .Plus I was the recipient of a yet another snowdome from Acki .Here you see us with the little treasure from Barcelona . If anyone wonders as to why I am muffled in my coat , read on ... A waitress carrying a full tray of drinks tripped and one very large glass of red went all over yours truly .This resulted in my having to take my top off , rinse it well and hang on the radiators . Now OK, lovely as my lingerie may be I decided to cover up . It was hilarious and much later with a special rendition of Ain't She Sweet I was able to don a dry piece of clothing . Some talk of red letter days. Mine was 'red wine and snowdome. ' Lovely . Hence after this final piece I rocked and rolled all the way home ...... Apologies for my duff cam and mic

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Stupidity of Another Kind



A man that brains and honesty forgot . Yes the dreary little puppet of Gordon Brown's , still holds office in spite of his many notorious expenses claims coupled with tax evasion .[read Daily Telegraph revelations ]
Each time this specimen opens his mouth with yet another idea for financial recovery , global warming , you name it ,the pound sinks further !
You have to laugh ,as we the tax paying public foot another lush ,and oh so grand gathering of the greedy G20 , every syllable uttered by this fool is like some nuclear fall out ...DANGEROUS .
Ever tried using sellotape Darling -- on your mouth ?
Once more I ask why was this bunfight not done via video conferencing ?

Friday, November 06, 2009

Just Who Is Stupid ?

We seem surrounded by prophets of doom these days. All bent on informing us that our days are numbered and we are guilty . Not they .. merely us .
Take the Green Party. If I could ,I would,only to leave them somewhere extremely untamed .Let's see how well they'd do minus all their creature comforts ! Then how about a tour round the house of Al Gore ,noting if he puts into practice that which he preaches . As for Franny Armstrong ... what a joke she is . Has the gall to condemn air travel yet , deems it as being OK for herself to get from A to B promoting her dictates.
Their whole mission is a farce . One in which over population is never mentioned .There is never so much as a whisper about China's increasing daily pollution . Not a word about the third world factories spilling chemicals into the water table whilst at the same time spewing toxic gas into the air .
The latest joke is to take place in Denmark .Yes, in December UN delegates will meet in Copenhagen to discuss what can be done . Question ) how will they get there ? Answer ) By air .
Why I ask in these days of amazing telecommunications is this necessary ? A video conference would save so much fuel , so much money .Ah, but what then the free luxury beanfeast , the
hotels , etc etc .The wives out for a shopping trip and gala ball.
I for one am weary of footing the bill for these types and then being made to pay even more tax on any air ticket I choose to purchase . In the following words ..IT'S A RIP OFF .
The world climate has changed ever since time began .
Continents have shifted ,and will ,over many years continue to do so .There are things we can do to have a clean planet.
Are all governments banning nuclear tests ?
Are all governments insisting that there are no oil spillages by the use of rust bucket ships ?
Are all rain forests truly left in tact and protected .
Are firms banned from sending spam advertising mail through regular postal systems ?
The list is endless. And all answers are NO
Who is stupid ? Well as I see it we are for accepting these dictates of pay up or else on an annual holiday . At the same time the likes of Franny Armstrong are for expecting us to take her oh so seriously .
Until all G8 ,G 20 and UN can work debating using video conferencing ,minus a financed super luxury freebie,I for one say. Sorry guys, I'm neither green nor am I cabbage looking in spite of my headgear in this picture .