Friday, November 20, 2009

Good News For The World .

At times it seems the news is all bad . Then,as if to show there's hope , all be it seldom ,we get a great item . On coming home late last night and logging on ,there it was ...... No Tony Bliar [Blair as EU President ] , no Milliband as EU Foreign Affairs Minister . Cause indeed to celebrate .So called a friend, had a glass of port and lemon ,played Dr Feelgood's Hog For You Baby . Truly I was happy as can be .

One had to note how very widespead contempt for Bliar is.

Tony you may well perceive yourself as a presidential god , most see you for what you really are .

First beaten by a rare species of protected bat and the now the EU .
ps) it dawned on me today why G W Bush liked you . As the world knows ,this guy has THE LAZY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR as his number one read ..
Well hunger for power knows no limits with you and just let's think of how a caterpillar moves !

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