Sunday, November 29, 2009

EU No Smoking Ban in Berlin

Today I was at Die Eins for a jazz brunch . One of the greatest spots to put on your 'places to go in Berlin' list-
Now when it comes to the EU smoking ban , Germany is not running true to world image . ie ) viewed as a law abiding people to a fault , this regulation has shown their weak spot . Many areas have revolted in a manner befitting the reputation of their French neighbours .
Quite a lot of places still permit smoking and actually advertise such - Others have upstairs rooms , outside tables . the variations are amazing . Die Eins has opted for hi tech sophistication.with this smoking chamber . Resembling an Internet booth it takes two people at a time . On entering, the smoker presses a switch , lights up and the offending fumes are extracted in a heavenly direction via a star trek type porthole . Here you see the brilliant drummer and vocalist Meinolf “Cookie” Saggel . Unaware of this gadget he had chosen to stand outside in the rain . Once informed he was in like a shot to try it . Reckon his smile says a lot for marks out of ten .
My own rating . Well as a none smoker I have to say it's a superb device and all are happy since it does work 100% . Upstairs rooms or partitioned places don't .
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miss_vixen said...

errr thanks forr the info .. I am aware of all this and more LIKE use of cannabis or nicotine can and does often result in erectile disfunction .... HENCE need even greater for viagra !!! lol