Friday, November 06, 2009

Just Who Is Stupid ?

We seem surrounded by prophets of doom these days. All bent on informing us that our days are numbered and we are guilty . Not they .. merely us .
Take the Green Party. If I could ,I would,only to leave them somewhere extremely untamed .Let's see how well they'd do minus all their creature comforts ! Then how about a tour round the house of Al Gore ,noting if he puts into practice that which he preaches . As for Franny Armstrong ... what a joke she is . Has the gall to condemn air travel yet , deems it as being OK for herself to get from A to B promoting her dictates.
Their whole mission is a farce . One in which over population is never mentioned .There is never so much as a whisper about China's increasing daily pollution . Not a word about the third world factories spilling chemicals into the water table whilst at the same time spewing toxic gas into the air .
The latest joke is to take place in Denmark .Yes, in December UN delegates will meet in Copenhagen to discuss what can be done . Question ) how will they get there ? Answer ) By air .
Why I ask in these days of amazing telecommunications is this necessary ? A video conference would save so much fuel , so much money .Ah, but what then the free luxury beanfeast , the
hotels , etc etc .The wives out for a shopping trip and gala ball.
I for one am weary of footing the bill for these types and then being made to pay even more tax on any air ticket I choose to purchase . In the following words ..IT'S A RIP OFF .
The world climate has changed ever since time began .
Continents have shifted ,and will ,over many years continue to do so .There are things we can do to have a clean planet.
Are all governments banning nuclear tests ?
Are all governments insisting that there are no oil spillages by the use of rust bucket ships ?
Are all rain forests truly left in tact and protected .
Are firms banned from sending spam advertising mail through regular postal systems ?
The list is endless. And all answers are NO
Who is stupid ? Well as I see it we are for accepting these dictates of pay up or else on an annual holiday . At the same time the likes of Franny Armstrong are for expecting us to take her oh so seriously .
Until all G8 ,G 20 and UN can work debating using video conferencing ,minus a financed super luxury freebie,I for one say. Sorry guys, I'm neither green nor am I cabbage looking in spite of my headgear in this picture .

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