Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Man vs a BA A380 - A Must Watch .

View this and marvel at British Airways, and the South African rugby player Bryan Habana.It will leave you breathless and full of admiration.
Great video, great airline, great sportsman.Thanks to all for making the world a nicer place .

Monday, July 22, 2013

Great Britain Celebrates A New Heir To The Throne .

Olympics 2012  , the Diamond  Jubilee Celebrations and now a new Prince. Eagerly awaited all around the world .Where was I when the news came? Taking photos of a beautiful full moon having wished a German friend of mine Happy Birthday ( she lives in Munich) I cannot describe her joy as she called me to tell me the news . I dedicate this photograph to her and to the new baby Prince. She is delighted as millions are . Let's hear it for Great Britain and for a Royal Family who bring us joy and so much more.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ohne Sex geht's auch (nicht)!

Die Wühlmäuse is a comedy theatre in Charlottenburg where tonight the star was one Mark Britton .A British man , married to a German lady, he's lived in this country for 20years. His act is 99% superb German peppered with approximately 1% English. A nice blend of Denglish.
Observation, sharp wit and boundless energy create  this 'none stop' flow of humour.The audience loved it. As is normal practise at the end of the show one can buy a DVD . I recommend. The saying that 'laughter is great medicine' is very true  and the combination of German and English guarantees recovery.Look and see if he's at your local theatre -
Meanwhile enjoy the collage below .

Friday, July 05, 2013

Come Fly With Me ....

Last Tuesday was action packed .The start of the day was extremely important ( May get back to this later in the month ) Then off to Tegel and British Airways who made my journey to Belfast via London Heathrow possible .All terminals at Heathrow are huge .
I was transported at speed and this also gave great photo possibilities . Belfast City Airport is small and so well run .Again lots of help and on my return day (Thursday) another chance to watch the planes and relax. After that all is best described as a beautiful dream . You dont always need exotic places and as for the 'Bar in old Bombay',
BA even saw to that !