Monday, September 06, 2010

Whitehall Farce

Whitehall Farce originally referred to a certain appalling comedy genre. More recently for Westminster government, especially under Tony Blair. Britain's answer to Napoleon disguised as Uriah Heep . Grotesque ,insincere and very manipulative.
Dublin did us proud when the decent among them gave vent to their feelings by demonstrating at his book signing .Well done Ireland .You get full marks .
Now, Waterstones London has cancelled the event with Mr Blair adding that he had no wish to give extra work to the police. Shame he didn't think so years ago ?
He's expressed his sadness that ordinary people may not turn up for a signed book and gone on to say more wanted this than to protest .
Reader ,turn your mind back to the days of Blair in power . The same Blair did not find it sad that a person who came to stand outside all the barriers at Downing Street, only to quietly read a role of honour of soldiers fallen was arrested within minutes and flung into a van by at least seven police then taken away .I refer to a middle aged woman .No protection for her Mr Blair even though she quietly did what others feared to do .Your supporters and fans are over the Atlantic .They are called Republicans not British . Why not take the title of your book and make it a reality ie) make A JOURNEY far, far away from British shores .

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