Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Magnificent Seven in Neukölln

On Saturday I attended a design sale with a difference. Held in Neukölln, Berlin it was a platform for seven individuals ,active in the world of art/fashion /design. There were interviews by nelou tv ( these to be broadcast on an Internet Channel ) music and of course opportunities to try and buy !
Leter in the evening was the most astonishing musical performance by Mimosa Pale who plays the saw .She was accompanied on the keyboard by Vallter Poyhonen. Mimosa first heard the saw as a musical instrument in a movie , fell in love with the sound and decided she would learn . That was over five years ago and the rest as they say is history..
Here are the website addresses of the very magificent seven :-
1) Mimosa Pale
2) Giorgia Lacobellis
3) Von Bardoniz
4) Alisa Zillmann
5) Lottie Consalvo
6) Friederike Porscha
7) Ta-ste

Actually there is a yet another website so that makes eight .Who says my maths is poor ?

8) Lucia Tolardo

The small slide video is created from stills. Enjoy this and theme from The Godfather as you have never heard it .

Foot note to Angela Merkel.... Read the above names and then repeat that multi-culti doesn't work .

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