Friday, October 22, 2010

Memories and Smiles ..Part of Lifes Currency .

One of my all time favourite shops , recommended at regular intervals is 'Mode and Sparen ', Kantstrasse , Berlin. Here you can buy both new and second hand clothes at sensational prices . Always be offered fresh coffee and biscuits by the nicest sales staff in Berlin. Add to which you meet kindred spirits .Today,not only did I find a beautiful red ,wool and cashmere coat for under 30 euro but I met this lively lady who posed for me in her own very unusual dress. Rather than trash her old items , many of which have pleasant memories , she revamps into a completely new design .This dress for example .I loved her use of sleeves from one item , buttons from elsewhere etc and the word smile worked into the back . She herself smiled a lot and the fun side of personality is reflected in her clothes and face .
Meetings such as this are sunshine on the coldest greyest day .
ps ) a big thank you to her for taking the photo of my new , very warm red coat .

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