Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Wonder Which Is Lourdes.

If you've read earlier posts you’ll be aware that I recently suffered a very bad accident . This left me extremely immobile and with some nasty bone damage to my left knee. Thus it was , last Saturday ,with a degree of fear and trepidation I left Limoges on a special train bound for Lourdes .
This was organized by the diocese of Limoges . Five hundred participants all French and no English speakers .Guess who is hopeless in French ! At first it wasn't easy but one adapts and the beautiful part of the Catholic faith is that it is Universal . I’ll be honest I was seeking a miracle and am happy tell you I was blessed with such . In Lourdes , each day brought more improvement. Look at the collage and you'll spot the differences . It’s all to easy to knock Christianity since it’s such a passive believe. In Lourdes there is a wealth of love, joy , humanity and faith . This, as we are aware moves mountains .

ps ) Lourdes is open to all irrespective of their beliefs . Tolerance at it's best .

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Carmen said...

Foxy Lady!
Glad to see your recovery. I'm back in the USA trying to figure out how to get back to France. Lourdes is certainly a miraculous place.