Friday, August 15, 2008

No Regrets---- Not For Miss Vixen .

Today Evaux Les Bains had a fantastic festival ...Antiques, bric a brac , flea market , call it what you like . The entire town was buzzing and alive . Music , food , wine , all kinds of bread and cakes , each street provided more . Paradise for yours truly . Here's a funny little collage in which I was tempted by yet another bike ! Hmm rustic or rusty ? In my hand is a delightful little spice jar ,a present from the lady you see me pictured with . It's not often one gets to speak German here but she was fluent in ´'Deutsch and English '. Staying way out in the country a real chamber pot was a crazy must get .So I got ! As for the little video .This guy was Mr Happy Plus . So much so he even granted my wish by playing 'No Regrets ' . I have none for joining in with singing. My voice is hardly akin to that of 'The Little Sparrow ' . So it's , Little Vix signing off with 'Non je ne regrette rien.....'

ps ) I was given yet another present ... A book all about Saint Bernadette.

You see , each day is full of miracles , if we but look .

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