Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Is An Honourable Man Deemed Strange ?

Of late I feel absolutely disgusted with the British public, media , and many British politicians .

Since coming to power Gordon Brown has certainly had some bad luck with almost 'plague like happenings '. Numerous agricultural catastrophes, floods , knife crime , revelations of Tony the Far from Divine and his ghastly partner Sister Cherri of the Grab All , Gab All , to name but a few . The market crash which has resulted in a weakened pound is linked to a policy of hold hands with the USA plus squander in Iraq .[ a place we should never have gone ] Who took us ? Why ....Tony the Far from Divine and his gungho pal George of The Litany of Lies .

So when I read that Brown is now expected to be replaced as he appears , behaves and looks strange I am livid . For me, here is a man who is absolutely normal. None of that insincere toothy grin with sickly smooth voice ..Hallelujah Say I.

Mr Brown would do well to hold two positions, PM and Chancellor . Also retaliate but what stops him here could be attributed to the fact that he is a genuine person ,worthy of his title The Right Honourable . How sad that such decency is no longer vogue ..................I'm no longer sure that Britain rules the waves . More a case of sinking under them .

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