Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Send In The Clowns !

I've always loved the words to this song but over the years some of them have acquired a deeper meaning .... Yours truly is forever making her' entrance again ', and with amazing flair . Put simply I am, an accident , waiting to happen .
After a seemingly 'free period' things were to change. On Friday there I was having a great time skinny dipping in the moonlight , Sunday, Russian dancing . Add to this lots of cycling and walking . Then Monday came and with it the most spectacular fall ,down stairs onto a stone tiled floor. Worthy of a stunt woman . So now I have a superb, swollen left knee which is all shades of blue , a suspect broken rib and a chipped right shoulder . Add to this the sensation I've just done several rounds with a prize fighter and you'll get the picture.
But it isn't only the Phoenix who rose from the ashes .. Miss Vixen can and will. After all, there are boots to wear, trekking plans to see through and so much more . I hit rock bottom with an almighty bang . After seeing stars I'm back on my way up .
Note ] Any tips on how best to deal with severe bruising will be welcome . Have tried sliced onion . Effective ,but smelling like a burger is simply not my style ......

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