Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So Perfect You'll Purr.

It is a truth ,' not quite' universally acknowleged ,that I am an icecreamholic.
Put quite simply I adore it and can't say no.
This summer I've been experimenting and making my own . To date , Japanese green tea ice , caramel , Guinness, lemon with ginger, melon sorbet .. but the best has been Roquefort ice cream !
Now now don't pull your face ... try, and be surprised . My little recipe is derived from a more complex professional version . It requires no ice cream maker , no eggs so no cooking a custard mix.

1)take 400ml of thick cream ( I found the Irish product superb )

2)beat until really stiff, but not butter texture.

3) To the cream add 2-3tablespoon's good honey into which 70gram of Roquefort cheese has been very finely crumbled and stirred.

4) stir well and place in 500 ml container . I used Tupperware and made sure there was no air left in .

5) place in your freezer and wow will you have a delicious desert.

note ) if your freezer makes it go really hard then simply move to fridge an hour before serving.

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