Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ms Vixen Sings A Song .

* A few of my favourite things in France .[ apologies to Julie Andrews]

Partridge a wandering , all over the roads ,
Lizards that dart in front of your toes ,
Horses and herons to name but two
Then don't forget those shy coypu .
Bats at sundown a flitting through trees
Frogs croaky chorus broadcast on the breeze
Hedgehogs that stumble across your path
Hares making yet another mad dash

Lot's of donkeys ,lot's of cows ,many bright wild flowers
With so much to see in any one day..
There simply aren't enough hours .

Hardly a master work I know ... But truly this place is very much 'alive .' The cats in the collage are ferrel .Each day there are numerous birds of prey to be seen , but my tiny camera can't do justice to such . At sundown, bats flit amongst the trees then suddenly swoop around in circles. They, like the hedgehog , who trundle along in the dark are very difficult on capture on disc . I haven't given up though !

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