Monday, May 26, 2008

Brussels Jazz Marathon 2008.

Should you ever get a chance to visit Belgium for this annual event,take it.Last weekend, Brussels had hot humid weather and,even hotter jazz . On Saturday night there was a 'jazz trinity'. Three fantastic groups ,one after the other . Each playing a different kind of music and all so terrific I just wanted 'more'.Indeed,later, as the heavens opened ,it was still wonderful to remain and dance under a tiny umbrella. Never has 'In the Mood ' been so apt. The left collage shows pictures of a small group called Santa Swing . Then a larger group by the name of Night Crowd Blues Band . The evening ended with a superb band ie) Union Big Band . Middle row left and right show two groups from Sunday at another city venue .
In the streets and bars were even more artists . The second collage shows some interesting individuals .Not all jazz artists but fabulous re personality and talent.I flew back today with some great memories.

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