Friday, May 09, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To --

It's not been my week with the SBahn . After what could best be described as a close encounter of a weird kind I thought all was fine but tonight was to prove me wrong !
That which we dread most, happened . I and three others were trapped in a lift .. and not just any lift. This was a plate glass affair situated where the sun blazed in from all sides creating an oven effect. Pressing the emergency button we asked for help and never has 30 minutes seemed so long .None of my usual geek chic, I sat on the floor . On being released from this 'hell' we were encouraged to go to hospital for a check up .All declined.There was ,after all ,the theatre.Exchanging a glass lift which was more like a chamber it was full speed ahead for the English Theatre and a work entitled The Harvest Chamber .

More on that tomorrow plus some good clips ( I hope )


vari said...

very good....

miss_vixen said...

The play was , the lift was 'hell' lol Or how I imagine it ..