Monday, February 08, 2010

Total Immersion In Music .

Sunday was sensational and best described as 'total immersion in music '. Up early , once ready out to the Yorkschlösschen in Kreuzberg. My meal was even better than it looks . Note :- food at this place is extremely good . Today an act from Holland was on at 2pm . Louis and the Losers . Odd name ,especially as this duo gave four hours of the most fantastic music . New Orleans jazz, rhythm and blues, boogie , rock n roll. That place was jumping . To see an accordion used with jazz and boogie was a first for me . Terrific . His keyboard playing was breathtaking and two little videos are included .Yes , yes my camera doesn't do justice but it gives you some idea .Watch his hands .
After this gig on to the Philharmonie where a concert of works by Schubert and Barber rounded my day off . Music brings untold joy and it's rare that the performers earn much. Can we say the same for politicians , and those engaged in the weapons industry ? I think not .

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