Friday, March 05, 2010

The Very Unholy Catholic Church .

Who would imagine that the Church and crime would go together on such a grand scale ?
Yet is is all too clear that at the core it is rotten . The Catholic Church , who are completely out of touch with reality , and what life in 2010 means, being the biggest offenders in Christianity .
Humans were meant for each other,celibacy going against all the laws of nature .
The numerous cases of abuse in Ireland , America and now Germany illustrate what happens to many who seek to live an unnatural life.
Yet still Rome protects these offenders. Be the offence sexual , brutal , or emotional all should be kicked out .
Some years ago I was extremely ill . So much it warranted intensive care . My priest was sent for but was indifferent plus he offered no communion . In my very sick state I expressed a doubt in God . Hence I was informed that I deserved to be ill as a punishment ! Compassion ----- not really. Many months later I resigned my position as chair person of the Church Council only to receive an official letter from this sham of a Priest informing me that I was, as like as not, possessed by Satan . Laughable , sure, but for many a person distressing .The letter was taken for scrutiny to the Cardinal and Bishop of Berlin . They admitted it had the tone of the middle ages,, was also very wrong but , did nothing re the guilty person's status. Some nuns I knew were shocked at my action stating that ALL priests are Jesus here on earth . Such blind belief is tragic .
Wealth , ease, not to mention immunity from the law is the real creed of the Catholic Church . It's not my idea of a faith and spirituality. As for infallibility ...that has to be one very sick joke .If there are any out there who wish to point out how many good priests there are , fine. However whilst the Vatican dictates and yet insists on immunity for ordained transgressors it remains a Church of shame and lies .

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