Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lord Monckton . An Honest Man .

On November 6th 2009 , I wrote a post re the outrageous gathering in Copenhagen .Funded by us the taxpayer it certainly gave the self elected elite a free luxury holiday. Further predicted, it was nought but another costly farce with petty squabbles and new ideas for taxing the public .

Yesterday, friends in Australia sent me a link to a broadcast aired in January 2010 . Broadcaster Alan Jones and Lord Christopher Monckton talk sense. Refreshing to hear . Something we haven't heard much of in a long time .

Earlier as I was checking my mail a news head line flashed up .....

Scientists now claim to have proof that problems come from under the sea . Watch out folks . The airline industry has taken a bashing with taxes . The public ,weary of taxes galore have switched back to cruises ..... Looks like the funding for the next gravy train gathering is going to be funded by shipping

As for the link .It's excellent listening .Click on my links and decide. Look up Lord Monckton in google .There are first rate videos .

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