Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knights In Orange Armour !

These guys, a part of the BSR [Berliner Stadtreinigung] ,are amazing . Today they brought sunshine and a lot more order into my chaotic and of late, somewhat unpleasant life . For just 45€ they removed virtually all my furniture with a speed and efficiency second to none . Due to structural defects galore, my apartment is a health hazard ,as it's full of mildew. The German word Schimmel conveys the nastiness of this dangerous , destructive stuff. Mildew may sound harmless but is anything but . With superb punctuality my 'Three Musketeers' arrived at 7am. They love their work , view it as a work out and enjoy meeting people . I enjoyed the encounter with their cheerful natures plus professionalism. There is still much to attend to before I move out. Space created by today's action has enabled me to glimpse a light at the end of a ghastly tunnel . Thank you BSR ! A service Berlin can be proud of .
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