Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Dark Reality Of Green Berlin !

Tell a German that you have Schimmel in your apartment and they will gasp in horror whilst at the same time taking two steps away . Nothing has such an effect . The reason being, media coverage spells out the health risks and dangers to some tune . Scary stuff . Yet , when , like me you find yourself living in very a reduced area , with clothing and furniture all ruined due to Schimmel , where do you get help ? Nowhere . All becomes a costly, lengthy,legal battle . A visit, (well armed with reports pinpointing the exact nature and health risk of the affected areas) to the official deparments for building , environment or health ,result in ,"it's nothing to do with us " . Reader, as this is a culture of civil servants (most being anything but), with salary and pension guaranteed they can afford to be indifferent . Yes , removal day is looming large and can't come too soon .Yet even after closing the door on this horror it will follow me . How ? Via lawyers and more stress ... oh yes and of course more money.


Anonymous said...

That looks like some lovely top quality schimmel - I'm very jealous - I'm a schimmel collector, and wonder if you'd consider selling me your schimmel collection - or could swap it for some mould?

Yours sincerely

Dr Mole D. O'Fungus

miss_vixen said...

Well I find it breathtaking in one way as you do in another. Mould will say pass. Money could be great towards legal costs ,BUT maybe I mix my hobby and yours and let you have , not a Schneekugel but Schimmelkugel...