Sunday, February 19, 2012

The BVG Strike 18th February 2012

Yesterday the BVG went on strike from early morning until 19:00hr .As usual fair warning was given and the SBahn kept on working since this is a part of the DB .
Q) Do I support such action ? A )100% yes. Q) Why my support ? A) The workers at the BVG are not just good, they are excellent and provide a round the clock punctual service, with I may add ,intelligence, courtesy and manners .
Q) So what's special about this ? A) They make it possible to live minus a car and even the most elderly,incapacitated person can get out and about . They also deal effeciently with the undesirables who at times seek to upset other passengers.
Q) So why is this so wonderful ? A) It's wonderful to travel home in the early hours on public transport with no sense of danger .As a matter of fact when I made a list of reasons as to why I should make Berlin my home , BVG was number one reason .They take pride in their work and represent what is good about Germany.I have no need to run a car.
Q) Do I know what they earn ? A) No but whatever it's not a fortune with expenses , and golden handshakes .
Q) Why talk of golden handshakes ? A) This strike on the 18th came one day after the resignation of the German President .
It took this man long enough to depart and for sure he was not representing the best of Germany . His enormous salary had amazing perks and privilege. What is more , this post is such that even when no longer President the lavish salary and perks continue for the individual's life .
Could one BVG worker say such ? Indeed could any ordinary employee ? As has been seen, many disgraced politicians have little to fear .They get an even better paid position within the EU plus wondrous perks. Today I had to laugh on hearing a song entitled 'Money's Getting Cheaper', played at a Jazz Brunch
Q) So what am I saying here ? A) That minus the people who vote, no government can be in power. That should read No government can serve . Sadly few even consider the public once they are elected . save to tell them there is no money and they must do without . My point is, as long as those at the top get such payments ( for life ) expenses and goods , then all have the right to strike for a decent wage .In reality best that all are paid as the public and once no longer in the post , no more payment . Those disgraced should go immediately as indeed ordinary people have to . On no account should tarnished politicians or public figures be appointed to the EU. Who knows, such measures could increase the value of money.

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