Monday, May 03, 2010

How Was It For You ?

May Day in Berlin can be chaotic but mine was only so in as much as lots was seen and experienced . First a lazy start , then out to test cameras .The collage is made up of shots near to where I live . Look at that close up of the top of the Funkturm made possible by the Lumix DMC TZ10.Then the view over the radio buildings from the top of the tower.The blue structure remains a mystery to me. It's to be found in the centre of Theodor Heuss Platz. Then a shot of three words set in stone under the eternal flame. Translated they are freedom, justice , peace ! Musts if we want a democratic society .The image of me by a rather odd ad for an ever odder exhibition was taken with a Sanyo . Later off to the A Train Jazz Club .....No picture of that but of the Deutsche Opera where Sunday began with a sensational Jazz brunch .
So how was May Day for you ?

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