Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Magic of Mist

When, with the best of intentions,you set about your long overdue work, it's great. When however ,you find yourself side tracked by the magical appearance of mist ,beware. For many it's merely low cloud ,others a curse since this silvery grey chiffon shroud swirls around obliterating the sky,sun.and landmarks. To this 'club' I do not belong. Not so much a thief, rather a talented window dresser, mist had slowly enveloped Berlin's steely structure,the Funkturm, to create a spectre. See the viewings for May Day weekend and compare . No panoramic view from the top today but a trigger to my favourite childhood story ,The Bowl Of Mist. "A hill full a hole full but you cannot get a bowl full."
Which leaves me with two thoughts :-

a)The joy of seeing something again is often enhanced by our temporary loss.

b) I wonder if the Berlin Tourist board would try a first by creating a Mist Dome made using this landmark .
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