Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gas Gas Gas Gas ,Hot Air & Chemicals .

So Mr Cameron thinks that going to war will prevent the use of Gas by the Syrian President. It has not yet been established who was responsible in a civil turmoil where the rebels are actually Al Qaeda. This unsavoury group have made a statement setting out their objective to kill and kill more. They are the enemy when on our territory but to be aided whilst overseas. Madness.
Messrs  Cameron and Hague have already found the Syrian President guilty, from afar at that .Wow impressive eh. Third rate politicians pretending to be first rate weapons inspectors.
UK , America , France and Germany produce these weapons and sell to 'anyone' for the right price. One wonders if they ask the buyers why they need ? Maybe to use as a table decoration ? Profits overide scruples.
Not only are the Western powers two faced , they are economical with the truth .
What purpose will their scud missiles serve ? Truth is they don't think. Scud Missiles don't know right from wrong (rather like weapons traders ) and more people will be killed including women and children. For sure each scud costs a lot of money, approximately 1 million dollars, so for France, UK and USA, all countries with austerity programmes, one is puzzled as to where the money will come from.
We are all being put at risk by these insane  'money making actions' draped in a cloak of morality. Already the streets of London have seen how fundamentalists hit back .
Who can forget the lies that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq resulting as it has in chaos.  Can we really stand and watch another sick charade. I suggest Cameron , Hague , Obama and all other leaders eager to play tough guys go and fight on the front line themselves .
As a final note I would ask why it was fine for USA to use Agent Orange , a very nasty chemical weapon  throughout the Vietnam war and to now pontificate  as a nation without "flaw"? Doubt there will be an honest answer from the only nation to use an atomic bomb twice. The latest quote from "Omnipotent Obama" being :-)
"We do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable," .
A case should be opened against US then for doing such in Vietnam , not once but repeatedly. The US is the worlds biggest threat to us all .

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