Friday, August 30, 2013

People Need to Strike For Peace

Read these words :-)

"The Prime Minister said there was not "one smoking piece of intelligence" but insisted he was convinced by the evidence that it was "beyond doubt" Bashar Assad's regime was responsible."
Clearly Cameron is suffering from Bush & Blair  Syndrome ( remember the smoking gun)

What is about to happen is terrible, corrupt,rigged and risks leading us into a World War. For the last few years we public have been told austerity measures are the order of the day thus we must do without.
Yet suddenly vast sums of money can be put on the table to wage war on a country that is doing nothing to harm us. It would appear the American and British public  are 'against' but leaders are not listening. Many shake their heads and ask what they can do Alone, nothing. Together a lot .Civil Passive Resistance is one answer Example , an all out stoppage for at least 48hours.Shops stay closed, no transport.Factories remain silent. Tough it may seem but we will really suffer if this madness goes ahead whilst those who orchestrate remain safe within their comfortable, very secure lives. Solidarity is called for and  may go some way to show how we feel. That our politicians condemn Assad ( case unproven) and  have stated they will use cruise missiles shows how little the death of women and children  really means. It is merely their opportunity to strike power deals and make money .
Our nation stands for better things and we need to speak out. Peaceful 'strikes' are one solution. As is common sense .Let each do their bit .The government are using our money to fund supporting Al Qaeda rebels . Just not good enough .
Meanwhile well done Ed Milliband .

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