Monday, August 26, 2013

The Kaiser Wilhelm Church Berlin

This beautiful church was bombed in WW2.
What remained stood as a memorial church, the broken spire serving as a reminder of the war.
For some time now the tower has been encased in panels as a cleaning and restoration programme is carried out.Today I noticed that slowly but surely the building is emerging. To take these shots I began in Breitscheidplatz and walked in a clockwise direction around the tower. On my first day in Berlin 26 years ago this year , I asked a German why the church was broken ? He explained and thus began a learning curve about Berlin. Worth going inside for it is astonishingly beautiful .
As I looked at this church I really prayed sense will prevail and the forecast mad rush to war in Syria, fuelled more by weapons industry profits than morals, would cease. It will kill thousands, increase terrorism, destroy the amazing historical places  which remain and could take us into WW3. The invasion of Iraq destroyed so many people  and much of the cradle of civilization. Will the west who are over their own wars cease living by dual standards whereby they make and sell gas and weapons to any who have enough money to buy.

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