Friday, April 25, 2008

I O C Pathetic Statement For This Week .

You have to hand it to the I O C for pathetic comments . Having made the biggest error in a long time they expect the public to go along with it .
The latest lamentation is that they are saddened that the torch relay has 'not had the peaceful passage it deserves '
Note,there is no I O C concern over Chinese displays of Nationalistic fervour and threatened boycotts of western goods etc .Clamp downs on visitors visas.
Can we get a few things straight here ? This torch is but an inanimate object .Minus feelings. It has been entrusted to the biggest group of bullies going and quite a lot of reasonable people are opposed to this as they set more store on human life and rights .
As for the Chinese Communist Government , it's worth pointing out that the difference between communism and fascism is but a razors edge !
Now excuse me ,I need strong coffee . Just thinking of unchecked,Chinese flagrant abuse of rights makes me feel vile...Arms shipped by China to Zimbabwe . Involvement in Sudan . Tibet .Next scene Taiwan .Oh how peace loving can a nation be ?
Berlin's Very Vile Foxy Lady

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