Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lottery , Graffiti, Champion.

Back once more from France where ,---- I won the euro lottery ! OK only €9, 10 but it's a start and had me excited . Then a remarkable individual actually gave me the chance to become an interior graffiti writer . How many would say, "sure you can write all you like on my walls ." I was taken to the local Champion supermarket where suitable orange colour pens were selected . The picture is at the checkout . [My laughter due to the pens having fallen all over as the cashier tried to scan them]

Today I received the latest news from Jens Galschiot .Read for yourself on Orange Campaign . He reminds all of us that, "The pen is mightier than the sword. " Even if you don't have a website , blog or column .you can still contribute by writing a letter re the abuse of human rights in China to a local paper , MP etc ,etc . Help make a difference and together who knows we may just win the biggest prize -- justice and freedom .
Tip ) if you are unable to use the walls of your room then buy some post its . When you feel the urge , write the thought ,in orange on one . Then , either use blue tack , or a notice board to collect and display your beliefs . Please .photograph and send to the campaign . We'd love to share..

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