Monday, April 07, 2008

For Junk, Read Jowell

When Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said Britain was celebrating the Olympics, not China's human rights record she had to be joking ! It ranks as the silliest statement ever junk .
She went on to inform the BBC that :-
"The welcome of the Olympic torch to London is not the same as condoning the human rights regime in China or condoning the treatment of Tibet,"

Really Mrs Jowell , so can I and others take it you would lend support to the games being held in , North Korea, Iran , or Afghanistan to name but three ? Or is it as usual Mrs J , a question of money helping ministers turn a blind eye ? Do such if your conscience allows but for heavens sake spare us such piffle .

From, Berlin's Vile Foxy lady

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Anonymous said...

I think the hole think with the tourch should be stoped. it is nonsense to show a piece of peace and fredom while the chinese suppress the tabatian - from their point of view a part of their "own people".
I can understand the french!