Monday, April 07, 2008

Live / Vile / Evil

Thanks oh Bully Boys of China you've just made my day !
I love Wh question words .
So the London protests in support of Tibet are vile eh ? Oh really , says Who ? Says Wen no doubt ,or is that When as in When will you get out of Tibet ? Tragic that where you live , all freedom of thought , speech and action is mission impossible isn't it ? . What's the latest Beijing spin ? That the global stage show you are trying to manage is a way of encouraging people ,"to together build, a more harmonious , better tomorrow "(I quote`Xinhua') Note ,controlled media .
Why the need for such ? Total control is all one finds in China where a party who rules via fear and brutality dare not allow other opinions to be seen or heard . Ignorance and suppression are the parties gifts to their masses. Like all cowardly bullies you seek to buy favour. With some feeble politicians anxious for their economy this works , with the public it doesn't.
Well my message to Wen is , we LIVE and in so doing seek truth . This you find VILE .
Odd that I for one , find your dictates EVIL ..
Amazing what one can do with four letters ...

From Berlin's 'Vile' Foxy Lady

ps ) If we are so vile why not let your people see ? Why the blacking out of any free media coverage ?

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