Friday, April 18, 2008

Wen will 'Wong' be Right

Why a green and orange posting ? To support the Green party. Especially John Gormley who had the courage to speak on human rights with particular emphasis on Chinese, exploitation and suppression in Tibet .
This resulted in the Chinese Ambassador walking out .Amid veiled threats re future economic relations this individual went on to say :- [ all in orange here ]
After the usual rhetoric of how much the Chinese love only peace Mr Liu stated that Mr Gormley's understanding of Tibet as a country is 'totally wrong' , He then added that now around 200 countries in the world recognise that Tibet is an integral part of Chinese Territory . Also, that Mr Gormley had made accusations 'without knowing what is truly happening there '.
Piffle Mr Liu ! This vile vixen has done her homework .The UN recognises 192. So who are these 200 China loving cheerleaders?
Mr Liu maybe , just maybe , you should let free press visit .Let's see 'real truth'
Ah , Chinese freedom Chinese numbers ...
All 'wong '.

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