Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daramsala --- Berlin.

On the 17th August 2007 a very special armband was lost in Leipzig.( see the post for that date )

This led to my knowing a really exceptional young lady in Daramsala. We became regular email contacts then, actually met for the first time this summer in Frankfurt. Later she and her colleague were able to visit Berlin and stay with me. Action packed is an understatement and it was a very tearful farewell when we said goodbye . They gave me these beautiful gifts as a token of their friendship. The workmanship is astonishing and all is done by hand . I had stayed with a friend in Frankfurt and they too were presented with a gift . Should you ever require a special gift then go to Online ordering is possible.
As we stood on the railway platform , each of my visitors took out the finest woven white scarf. These were placed around my neck and loosely tied . This it seems is how Tibetans say goodbye and thank you . I shall never forget the effect of that simple yet graceful custom . Now one question , "how do I say thank you to that hornet ?" Without him or her I may never have known such amazing people . Quite a thought .

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