Sunday, August 30, 2009

Germany, USA, Ancient Greece, Egypt--- in one day !

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Saturday was Ruddesheimer Platz Festival .A terrific event with so much to see and do that one had to make choices . For us it was the US Air Force Band Check Six. Glenn Miller really began a tradition of great music and it's good to see today. The stage show was compared by the man you see in costume 'Echensteher Nante' see his web page He managed so much with such humour. Quite a guy. Then followed a fashion show to promote Oxfam ."So what," you folks in UK may say. There you have charity shops galore on each street . In Germany the concept is relatively new .I worked for a while at one and had a lot of fun. Now this is not yours truly getting wed .It was the surprise finale of the show and wow what a dress. 'Almost' had me wanting to try it on . Instead a friend bought me a delicate black shawl. It's beautiful. Then a surprise as we were given tickets for the Long Night Of The Museums . This astonishing event held twice a year, runs like clockwork . There are so many fabulous galleries , museums , studios etc it could take a life time . Photography [minus flash ] was permitted .Here you see Aphrodite , then the head of Nefertite and a truly ancient coffin . Could be used as a bath during ones life. Economical. There was glorious music in the Berliner Dom and outside a light show with the music broadcast to give extra effect . The shows went on all over the city until the early hours but at gone 1 am it was a very tired Miss V who stumbled into her bedroom after such a lot of 'cultural travel'

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