Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Colour Orange is calling you .

May I ask, if you think that China is unsuitable to host the Olympic Games ?
Does their record of human rights abuse bother you one bit ?
Do you think it wrong that Tibet should be denied it's leader and sovereignty ?
If you have answered yes to any one of the above then please look at the following and consider joining world wide action in condemnation of this 'charade' about to take place in China . Try this link:-
You can change the language once it opens .
Today,Danish artist Jens Galschiot sent me the above information. [ He too is censored ]
Nice to know I'm in good company ...Why not join us.
ps ) the following is fact. Please read and realize this is what happens in a 'good' Chinese factory .... At the end of each week the worker who has done best is given a small bla bla and tiny monetary reward .The one who has produced least is made to stand in a corner wearing a dunces cap where he or she is shunned . Humane ? Imagine that in your place of work .Will this happen to those who don't win a Gold? I wonder.
* No fur today. Merely a picture of yours truly in red BUT the web cam made it look orange . See,I knew it would come in useful.


Pilar said...

I'll add my bit if I can find enough orange yarn :)

miss_vixen said...

Get looking lol And do tell what you'll do with it ?:-)

Anonymous said...

The colour is ours!! I understand your need to protest the cause but don't make us Dutch suffer as well!

miss_vixen said...

Oh really Anon .. so do I take it this part of the spectrum comes with a made in Netherlands stamp? As for suffering explain ???