Friday, January 11, 2008

Miss Vixen's Sin and The Sky Joins In.

Today's been a wonderful day. Lots accomplished plus a new ice cream cafe discovered .
Choko-Cafe is a small but perfect establishment in Bleibtreustrasse 15.
The minute I saw the place 'I felt a sin coming on' and since the weather was so lovely opted to sit outside and 'indulge.' Their fig and cinnamon ice is delicious ,coffee superb and, should you lack the British resilience to cooler weather, inside are comfy chairs and delightful decor. This young man works there and informed me that they also have a restaurant called "ipanema" which serves Brazilian food. I've made a note for a future outing .[investigative of course ] Then as I rode home the sun was setting . Spectacular whilst so many buildings seemed to glow an orange red. Even the deserted listening station on Teufelsberg appeared bathed in colour on its western side . Looks as if the sun and sky are joining in the symbolism of 'orange' .


Jack J said...

Ahh, Berlin, the place to be for ice cream, aye! :)

miss_vixen said...

It sure is and when it comes to ice cream -'I'm just a Vixen who can't say no '