Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Orange Vixen.

On the 10th July 2007 I did a fun quiz using Blog things and was informed ( among other things ) that the following was ME !
'Your power color: Orange-red Your power symbol: Letter X '
OK , we know I'm now X rated ,plus wonder of wonders ,involved in the Orange Campaign . This certainly has me motivated and the good news is it's 'infectious '.
This morning I met with the amazing accordion player to give him prints of the pictures taken last week . My reward was a fine collection of music and singing . How I danced . Then as I left he played French music ( knowing this Wednesday will find me there ) Onto Ka De We where Doreen at Le Notre made me a sensational crepe filled with Roquefort cheese . Mine's the centre one . Then at the perfumery the ladies who sell my favourite perfume , 24Faubourg by Hermes, chatted. Having learned of the Orange Campaign they gave me a handful of mini Faubourg travel perfumes. Note the colour. Orange . What else ?
Another glorious day and, .... it's not over yet .

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