Friday, January 25, 2008

Miss Vixen Goes To Vichy.

Yesterday found me in Vichy . The route was spectacular and as usual full of happenings .[All pleasant ] One stretch looked remarkably like Scotland . Stopping at a Les Roches Hotel for a meal ,it was closed, but surprise , surprise the owners [from northern England] made coffee . Sitting out in the sun drinking this whilst chatting with them was lovely. If you're touring France and in the vicinity of Gorges de la Sioule then look up Les Roches or call them 0033.04 73 85 52 46. On then to Vichy where a must see is the art deco church . This building is a magnificent example of architecture . Vichy , famous for it's waters, has much to offer. Shopping , cuisine , history , it's all there . This is but a hurried post . Call it a flavour.
Today is more of an adventure. I've hitched miles in order to get on line and in so doing met some astonishingly wonderful people, plus been reassured once again that society is pretty decent and the world a mirror. Smile, and yes , it really does smile back .

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