Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Start Your Day The Vix-Fizz Way .

It's been some time since my last tips for healthy living . Mind you some may say the following doesn't qualify but I urge you to try and most of all ,enjoy ..
Cornflakes with milk were never my thing . Instead I eat with orange or grapefruit juice poured on . This may sound odd but believe me, it's delicious . Today, as promised, room service served my cereal ,not only in finest Limoges porcelain but with Buck's Fizz to pour on . The result ? One more than lively Miss Vixen and that is extremely wild !
Management agreed that this could be a regular breakfast choice and variations may well be possible . eg) Use of Guiness ...........
Any other suggestions .


Anonymous said...


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miss_vixen said...

wow anonymous .. you seem to know me quite well If anything is calculated to start my day well it's spreading the word to say "NO" to Blair , ( sorry Bliar ps Hope you have tried the cornflakes

Ratcatcher said...

I have another suggestion -why not try cider and orange juice with cornflakes - I just have and it was lovely.

I am even thinking about experimenting further - with Belgian Leffe blonde beer!

miss_vixen said...

Well ratcatcher you seem to have caught on to my foxy idea with enthusiasm.. Hmm your next 'trial'
sounds interesting .Keep me posted .
BTW is blonde beer served by a blonde lol