Monday, February 18, 2008

A Trinity Weekend .

I’m back from France after an amazing time . As recent postings show, a lot has been seen , done , not to mention, eaten. So you can imagine the excitement last Thursday on discovering a journey to Luxembourg was planned . After which a visit plus stop over in a truly beautiful part of Germany where a series of villages proved ideal for the filming of the German TV series Heimat.
The seven hour trip to Luxembourg was through some interesting regions of France , so a real plus. Luxembourg itself proved exquisite hence the only regret was that time there was so short . Enough though to experience ‘adventure’ , fine cuisine , breathtaking church architecture and lots of fun .
Saturday evening and the small German town of Morbach where the restaurant at Hotel St Michael provided exceptionally fine cuisine ! The following day meant leaving for a tour of all the villages used in the series Heimat . Base was at Woppenroth in a quaint pension.[which , by the way, boasted a swimming pool] This area of Germany proved magical and looking over the landscape you could almost hear Beethoven’s 6th symphony .Sensational.
Then today after a hearty German breakfast came the drive to Frankfurt am Main for my return journey by train, to Berlin . These last few weeks have been full , fun , very varied , and unforgettable .
The two collages give but a flavour. One is a small sample of Luxembourg shots where a snow storm was given to me ! The other shows the Hunsruck area used for Heimat .


Addison Campbell said...

> I totally loved this writing. It was cool. You encouraged me to think of visiting Berlin as soon as I can!! Berlin is the greatest place ever, and you definitely have to sleep at Maritim Hotel Berlin . Keep on posting all about your adventures at Berlin.

miss_vixen said...

Glad you enjoyed the piece. Life anywhere is one big adventure ! Berlin is world of such in miniature. ENJOY